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This year's TASFAA conference will support the Tejano Center for Community Concerns, whose mission is to educate, transform, and empower families to elevate communities by fostering collaboration, championing equitable resource allocation, cultural preservation, and inclusivity for all.

The Tejano Center for Community Concerns (Tejano Center) was established in 1992 in Houston’s East End, a predominantly Hispanic populated area. Since its modest beginning, it has served as an agent for change, empowering neighborhood residents. Tejano Center's goal has always been to improve lives and create a sustained network of support and opportunity within the community.



We will host a charity raffle at the conference, and all proceeds will go directly to the Tejano Center for Community Concerns. We ask that our generous members donate the items to be raffled.  Whether a swag bag from your institution, gift cards, or a solicited item from a business, any and all donations are welcome!

 If you have questions about the charity raffle, email [email protected]