Candidate for President-Elect

Danchees "D" Ingram

Associate Director

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Current and Previous TASFAA Activities and/or Activities for Other Organizations:


  • 2022 Secretary, Board of Directors
  • 2020 Presenter, NASFAA Webinar
  • 2019 Participant, Diversity Leadership Program


  • 2023 Chair, Diversity & Awareness Committee
  • 2022 Chair, Diversity & Awareness Committee
  • 2023 Presenter, Conference
  • 2022 Presenter, Mid-Level Training
  • 2021 Member, Diversity & Awareness Committee
  • 2019 Recipient, Philo Brasher Emerging Leadership Award
  • 2017 Chair, Local Arrangements
  • 2012 Recipient, Logan Ware Scholarship Award


  • 2023 Vice Chair, Legislative Issues
  • 2023 Chair, Membership
  • 2022 Vice President, Board of Directors
  • 2022 Board Liaison, Diversity & Inclusiveness
  • 2021 Member At Large, Board of Directors
  • 2021 Chair, Fall Conference Committee
  • 2019-2020 Chair, Training Committee
  • 2019 Co-Presenter, Fall Conference
  • 2019 Recipient, Trailblazer Award
  • 2017 Co-Presenter, Fall Conference
  • 2015-2019 Member, Training Committee


  • 2023 Presenter, OASFAA Conference
  • 2015 Co-Chair, TCC H.O.P.E. Community Service Committee
  • 2014 Member, TX Association of Black Professionals in H.E.
  • 2014 Graduate, Paths Forward Leadership Program
  • 2014 Recipient, PATHS Forward Scholarship Recipient
  • 2013-2020 Mentor, TCC Men of Color Mentoring Program
  • 2011 Vice President, African American Student Organization
  • 2009 Recipient, TCC Outstanding Student Worker Award
  • 2007 Member, Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society

From the Candidate:

TASFAA has been a personal and professional life changing association for many people. Many know my personal story and have ones of their own. I hope to continue TASFAA’s efforts with advocacy, professional development and reducing barriers to educational success. I bring over 15 years of financial aid knowledge and over 20 years of training and development experience working in two-year community college, proprietary and now graduate professional institutions. I have served the state and regional associations as a presenter, committee member/chair, and elected officer; currently membership chair of TASFAA and diversity committee chair of SWASFAA. I was also appointed to serve as the inaugural board secretary of NASFAA’s board of directors. I received the 2019 TASFAA Trailblazer and SWASFAA Philo Brasher Emerging Leadership award winner and graduate of the 2019-2020 NASFAA Diversity Leadership Program. I would be honored to do my part in continuing the great work TASFAA has done in the profession and build on increasing academic success, and ensure all voices are represented. We must be intentional about diversity, equity and inclusion — both across various institution types and underrepresented groups in our organizations and communities.