Candidate for President-Elect

Dede Gonzales Headshot

Denise Welch

Director of Financial Aid

Panola College

TASFAA Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • My current TASFAA roles are Board Member at Large,  the Membership Chair, and a Governance & Compliance committee member.  In the past, I have held several different roles within TAFSAA.  Beginning with a committee member for NOAW to Conference Committee Chair to Board Member at Large.  


Other Professional Association Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • I have been very involved in both SWASFAA and NASFAA.  Past President of SWASFAA as well as many committees. Served as SWASFAA Boot Camp Chair and Membership Chair, as well as a conference committee member during my tenure on the SWASFAA Board. As part of the SWASFAA Immediate Past President role, I was the SWASFAA representative on the NASFAA Board of Directors. I was elected as a Representative at Large later for the NASFAA Board of Directors. Currently, I serve as the Chair of the Financial Aid Advisory Committee for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Also, a member of the NASFAA Ethics Commission and the Nominations and Elections Committee.


Campus Activities:

  • Being involved on my campus is an essential part of my role as the Director of Financial Aid.  I am involved in community outreach through our Admissions office. I am also part of our Strategic Planning Committee. 



  • College Athletics holds a place dear to my heart. I love everything from Gymnastics to Football. I enjoy events throughout the year. 

From the Candidate


TASFAA is the heart of our Financial Aid Community. It provides us with camaraderie and partnerships that allow us to do what we do with best practices. I am very honored to be nominated for the position of President-Elect. If elected, I will do my best to see the big picture and lead us in the direction that benefits TASFAA the most.