Joining or Renewing your TASFAA Membership

Before you begin

Please note that with the exception of those granted special status (lifetime members, for example) all memberships are “group” memberships; the member is the organization, and the linked profiles are the individuals within that organization. Each organization’s primary contact is the person designated by that organization to handle administrative tasks with TASFAA, such as membership and renewal, keeping the organization’s profile up-to-date, and adding and removing linked profiles. Unlike in the old system, individuals do not create their own identities in the system. These are all set up by the primary contact. (Primary contacts, please refer to Getting Started guide for editing your linked profiles).

The TASFAA Membership Application

The membership application is handled via an online form at the TASFAA website.

Member Types you can choose from are:

Associate: Associate membership shall be open to public and private agencies and organizations concerned with or engaged in the support and/or administration of student financial aid to include representatives of government agencies (state and federal), foundations, banks and other financial institutions, guarantee agencies, organizations involved in providing services and products to postsecondary institutions, and private and community organizations interested in student financial aid matters. Associate member institutions play an active role in Association activities, may serve as members of committees, and shall have all rights and privileges of membership except the right to vote, serve as a committee chair, or hold office on the Board.
Institutional: Most TASFAA member organizations are of this type. This type allows voting in elections. Voting memberships shall be limited to any postsecondary institution in Texas eligible to participate in any federally and/or state funded student financial aid program. Voting membership shall include institutions within the State of Texas which (1) operate under their own OPEID; (2) have a full-time financial aid administrator; and (3) award financial aid to students attending post-secondary institutions. No institution may cast more than one ballot.
Vendor: Vendor memberships work just like Associate memberships. Having a separate category assists the association with targeting specific activities (such as sponsorships) to those considered “vendors.”

If you are a new member organization you will first be prompted to enter your institution’s name and contact information. The email address you use should be for the person who will be your institution’s primary contact.
You will then be prompted to enter the individual (person) information as the “Primary Contact” for the institution. If you wish to add other personnel at this time to your institutional membership, select the [Create Linked Profile] button at the bottom of the individual data form. When you are done entering personnel, choose [Next].
You can choose to pay immediately using a credit card, or you can choose to be invoiced. If you are being invoiced, you will have one additional opportunity to enter your email address, then click Submit.
You will receive an email with the invoice attached.

If you are a renewing member organization, most of your information on your membership application will be filled out for you when you access the form.

If you experience technical issues while completing your membership form, contact Kevin Armalay, Web Services chair.  If you have questions about memberships, or your membership in specific, contact Keith Hoelscher, Membership chair.


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