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Here are a few updates of happenings since last weekend's launch of the new site:

Job Postings

Before the migration we asked that individuals refrain temporarily from posting jobs. The purpose of that was to ensure we had fully tested the job posting process.  We are happy to announce that this morning we published the Post a Job form, which users can find under the Member Center drop-down menu in the upper-right of the page. Users wishing to post jobs will fill out a form, much like under the old system.  After the form has been submitted, the job will be posted on the job bank, and a notification email will be sent out automatically.  The biggest difference in how jobs work is that now jobs don't disappear after a predetermined time, nor do they need to be extended if your posting expires on the site but you're still seeking applicants.  We can "unpublish" any job posting at the poster's request, but they won't automatically expire.

Attribute Security Updates

Some individuals have reported that they were unable to access the Member Search or see information about other individuals.  We have reviewed site security and made some adjustments to facilitate your networking with other members.

The Year Shift

As you are aware, Delisa Falks' reign as President has come to a close and Lyn Kinyon's year as President has just begun.  Lyn has provided Web Services with some updates to the site that we hope to have completed within a week.  

...and the work continues...

We are also working on several other tweaks and enhancements to the overall experience; in the meantime, some things may change, and links may be relocated, and additional content will be added.  The entire website is a work in progress and a "living document" which we intend to adapt to your needs!

As always, if you have questions/concerns about the website, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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