Finance Committee

Delisa Falks, Chair
Assistant Vice President
Texas A&M University
PO Box 30016
College Station, TX 77842-3016
Phone: (979) 458-5311
Fax: (979) 847-9061
Email: [email protected]

Committee Members:
Lyn W Kinyon - University of Texas - Arlington
Gary Rodgers - Rodgers Capital Inc.
Fabian Vasquez - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Committee Information:

The Finance Committee will be comprised of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Bookkeeper, and Investment Advisor. The committee will be co-chaired by the President and the President-Elect. The purpose of the committee is to oversee the financial position of the Association and make recommendations as necessary to insure its financial stability.

  • Supports the activities performed by the Treasurer and Bookkeeper.
  • When deemed necessary by any officer, advise the Board regarding short-term and long-term investments in conjunction with the Association's financial advisor.
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer, ensure that all financial reports including tax returns are filed by established deadlines.
  • If assistance is requested by the Treasurer, or deemed necessary by any officer, the Finance Committee can oversee the annual audit.
  • If requested by the President or President-Elect, conduct reviews of cash balances and expenses and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.
  • Forward items of importance for posting to the Communication and Social Media Committee.
Monthly Calendar Activities
  • October - If requested by the President, assist with presentation of budget to Board