Candidate for Board Member At-Large

Sharetta McKenzie

Campus Director, Financial Aid - Online Division

West Coast University

Current and Previous TASFAA Activities and/or Activities for Other Organizations:

From the Candidate:

I have been in education for over 25 years and have been a part of TASFAA for at least 20 of them. I walked into University of Phoenix to go to school and walked out the same day with something even more, A Career in a field of Financial Aid. They say the only consistent is change, which is so true when it comes to Financial Aid. I have seen parents, students and loved ones struggle together with FA, but it was always a goal to education each member to ensure a thorough understanding. I have seen many models at universities and colleges, to understand it is not a one shoe fits all. I have attended several TASFAA conferences that allow people to learn and also engage with other schools to create a better understanding of the direction FA and the Dept of Education is headed. The resources and trainings have also been very instrumental. I fell I would add value with my vast knowledge and experience of the FA and look forward to the opportunity to assist and serve.