Candidate for Board Member At-Large

Odell "Trey" Kelley

Senior One Stop Counselor

University of Texas at San Antonio

Current and Previous TASFAA Activities and/or Activities for Other Organizations:

  • Vice Chair of Web Services and Social Media Committee
  • Chair of Web Services Committee
  • Texas Delegate


From the Candidate:

As a practitioner for several years and a member of TASFAA, I have grown from within and love what we do as an Association for all Financial Aid practitioners around the great state of Texas. Ensuring the decimation of information, policies and procedures, and leadership are at the top of my list as to why I feel I am good candidate for this opportunity. My ability to collaborate on many projects due to my organizational skills. I feel that a board member should have great communication skills, offer transparent and honest dialogue, and have a great moral compass to move anything forward. I look forward to offering guidance to many through my hard work for the Association.