Candidate for  Board Member At-Large



Leandra Garcia

Leandra Garcia 

Associate Director

St. Mary's University

TASFAA Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • Currently, I'm the Board Secretary. I served three years on the Regional Training Committee as a member, co-vice chair, and chair.


Other Professional Association Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • 2015 task force with TVC and UT Systems


Campus Activities:

  • Website redesign committee, Benefits Committee




From the Candidate:

I am so honored to be nominated for a seat on the TASFAA Board. I have worked in financial aid for 11 years, and am now the Associate Director of Financial Assistance at St. Mary's University. I have greatly enjoyed my time working with the association and my fellow financial aid colleagues. Learning about them and about the institutions and students they serve has been incredibly valuable and enriching. I want to continue bringing to fruition resources and events that bring our membership together. I firmly believe that all of those serving with TASFAA and in financial aid, in general, have a desire to be helpers. We all want to see others succeed and journey down their desired paths. I want to continue to be part of this association in any capacity but would be greatly honored to serve on the Board.