Candidate for  Board Member At-Large

Joseph Ruiz Headshot

Christy Miller

Executive Director of Financial Aid

Wayland Baptist University

TASFAA Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • Vice President; Board Member-at-Large; Co-Chair Regional Training; Chair NASFAA Credentialing Task Force; Chair Site Selection; Member Government Issues;


Other Professional Association Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • NASFAA - Leadership Conference (Organizational Governance); MASFAA (Midwest) - Chair Awards Committee, Conference Local Arrangements Committee, Conference Program Committee, Corporate Support Committee, Leadership Conference; ISFAA (Indiana) - President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, Delegate-at-Large, Chair Technology Committee, Site Coordinator College Goal Sunday, Treasurer College Goal Sunday Steering Committee, Audit & Finance Committee, Winter Conference Program Committee, Leadership Symposium



Campus Activities:

  • The University of Notre Dame - Staff Advisory Counsel (President, Secretary); Texas Tech University - Student Withdrawal Advisory Committee (FA Liaison); Wayland Baptist University - Financial Aid Advisory Committee (Chair)



  • 568 President's Group; College Board Financial Aid Institute (participant and presenter); College Board Enrollment Leadership Academy; Presenter at NASFAA, MASFAA, ISFAA, TASFAA, College Board, and too many high school and college events to count.

From the Candidate:


With 20 years of working experience at private and public institutions; all schools with a history of championing higher education access, simplification, equity, and ethical standards, I feel I am prepared to support TASFAA’s mission as I represent not only the voice of the TASFAA constituents but the voice of the students we serve. My active state and regional association involvement over my 20 years have been invaluable, providing limitless opportunities for professional growth and allowing me to build relationships with colleagues (many of whom have become life-long friends) from various schools. Most recently, serving as the Chair of the TASFAA Site Selection Committee. The combination of my years of varied experience has provided a unique foundation that will allow me to step into the role of TASFAA Board Member-at-Large, seamlessly carrying forward the vision and mission of the association. Together we can assist in professional development, advocacy, and the nurturing of a better understanding of our role in the educational process. I would be honored and humbled to serve in the capacity of TASFAA Board Member-at-Large.