Candidate for  Board Member At-Large

Chandra Gonzalez

Senior Director, Student Services

South Texas College of Law Houston


Current and Previous TASFAA Activities and/or Activities for Other Organizations:

  • Current TASFAA Committees:
    • Regional Training Committee
    • Early Awareness Committee
  • Prior TASFAA Committees:
    • Regional Rally Coordinator (Corpus Christi)
    • Regional Training Committee
    • Early Awareness Committee 


From the Candidate:

Serving on the board of directors of an organization that I admire may be one of the most rewarding and valuable decisions I have ever made. After having served for 2 years on the TASFAA board, I feel I have found a new avenue to help fellow administrators, along with contributing a unique voice to our organization.

I have worked in higher education for over 22 years, from financial aid advisor to director levels, and with private, proprietary and public institutions. I want to give back to the financial aid community, and I feel serving on the TASFAA board and TASFAA committees is the best way to do this. Currently, I serve on the TASFAA regional training committee and the early awareness committee. I love training and helping others to better understand our already complicated financial aid world! TASFAA helps me to achieve this goal.

I am a first generation, Asian American who loves to represent our financial aid community and find ways to make our professional lives a little bit easier and a lot more fun. I believe in sharing best practices and ideas, and spending time as a community to better understand everyone’s struggles. But, in the end, trying to help each other overcome those struggles. It starts small, and within TASFAA, I have found ways where we can help each other, which in turn, helps our students.