Candidate for  Board Member At-Large


Chandra Gonzalez

Assistant Director, Scholarships & Financial Aid

University of Houston

TASFAA Activities, including committee service and offices held:

  • Early High School Awareness, Vice Chair
  • Regional Training Committee, member
  • Proprietary School Task Force
  • South Texas Regional Rally Site Coordinator, Corpus Christi 2001


Other Professional Association Activities, including committee service and offices held:


Campus Activities:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training Subcommittee-responsible for creating and writing diversity and inclusion training modules for enrollment services division
  • Las Comadres Mentor Program for Hispanic Female Students
  • Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Link Mentorship Program
  • Student Financial Support Committee
  • Participated on search committees:
  • Integrated Enrollment Services, Assistant Director
  • Enrollment Services Communication and Marketing, Executive Director
  • Enrollment Services Communication and Marketing, Communications Coordinator
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Loan Department, Program Coordinator II




From the Candidate:

After having served on several TASFAA committees in my past 20 years in financial aid, I would love the opportunity to continue my TASFAA work from a different perspective. I love working in financial aid and I feel I have a passion for our service. Working on the board would allow me to extend this service and passion to others, not only within our TASFAA organization but also to our financial aid partners who rely on us for guidance.

My love for financial aid begins on a grass roots level. I love attending and presenting at high school financial aid nights, I love assisting with financial aid trainings, and I (yes, even after all these years) still enjoy counseling students and parents on our world. With this opportunity, I would strive to strengthen our ties within our own communities and help bridge the ‘I do not understand financial aid’ gap. I feel I am an ambassador, a connector, and an advocate, and I hope to continue to bring a fresh voice to our community and organization.