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  Nominations for TASFAA Board of Directors

Now and through March 23, the TASFAA Board of Directors will be accepting nominations for 2020-21 President-Elect and four Board Member At-Large positions. If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) for these roles, please complete this nomination form.

Reason #1 to Serve on TASFAA’s Board – Encouraging Students to Pursue Higher Education” 

Members of the Board believe in the shared vision of making sure that Texas’ students have access to higher education. Caring about students is the most important part of TASFAA’s vision. Our Board members routinely find that the more they care and contribute toward positive student outcomes, the more they grow themselves.

If you or someone you know shares this vision, then TASFAA Board service is the perfect opportunity to contribute to something meaningful. Or maybe we should say…It’s the perfect opportunity to allow something meaningful to contribute to YOU.

Share the Vision
TASFAA…“is powered by volunteers and others that support our basic purpose of providing students with the resources and choices necessary to access higher education opportunities.”

Alan D. Ahmad
Alamo Colleges District / 2016-17 TASFAA President
Quote from: 2017 TASFAA Annual Report

 ATLE - TASFAA Education Scholarship

The Association of Texas Leaders for Education (ATLE) is providing members of TASFAA institutions a scholarship designed to support those members pursuing a higher education at a Texas university, college, or technical school. 

The 2020-21 ATLE-TASFAA Education Scholarship Application is available through the deadline of March 31, 2020. Eligibility criteria for the scholarship:

  • Be a current member of TASFAA
  • Intend to enroll at least as a half-time student (e.g., a minimum of 6 credit hours for an undergraduate) during the upcoming fall semester at an accredited Texas college, university or technical school
  • Intend to enroll with the purpose of earning a degree
  • Demonstrate service to TASFAA or the community
  • Provide a positive personal reference letter from a current employer, community leader or leader within TASFAA (i.e., board member, committee chair, etc.)
  • Preference for those with financial need

 Mack C. Adams Scholarship for NAOW

TASFAA is proud to make available the 2020 Mack C. Adams Scholarship Application for those wanting to attend the New Aid Officer's Workshop (NAOW) from April 22-24 in Grapevine, Texas.

Established to recognize Mr. Mack C. Adams, who served the financial aid profession for 39 years, the Scholarship is intended to help defray the cost of professional development by individuals who cannot attend financial aid conferences and training seminars because of budgetary constraints. 

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant cannot have previously attended the ABC Workshop.
  • Applicant has worked in financial aid less than two years, or the applicant’s responsibilities have recently changed adding new responsibilities requiring additional training.
  • Applicant’s institution is a current paid member of TASFAA.
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