Board Nominations

Welcome to the TASFAA Nominations form. Please select the position in which you would like to submit a nominee. Please submit a separate form for each nominee.

The name of the nominee must be exactly as listed in the database and they must be a current member. If you need assistance, please contact

Deadline for submission is April 1!

Before making nominations, please review the duties and responsibilities for each position: Article III, Section 3 - Duties of Officers.

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Board Nomination
President-Elect: serves as President-Elect in 2018-2019, President in 2019-2020, and Past President in 2020-2021.

Board Member
Board Members (4): will serve a two-year term for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 years. This commitment requires teamwork and attendance at all board meetings throughout the year.


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